OziExplorer Example

OziExplorer is a GREAT program that allows you to import electronic topographic maps and aerial photos.  Once you import the map or photo, you can then import waypoints and tracks from the GPS to the map.  You can also put waypoints onto the map and then upload them to the GPS.  Below is a map that I generated from by GPS and a topographic map.  The only thing I did was to add the scale.  The blue line from the road to the "Feed" is logging road.  You can download a trial ver of the program at:  http://www.oziexplorer.com/  It is the full program but has many limitations until you pay the $75.  There is even a option to do 3D maps so that you can show relief of the area.  There is also an OziExplorer User Group that you can get just about any question answered.  The only thing that I did that OziExplorer didn't do was I added the scale bar.

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